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Submission can be described by a lot of words but “easy” isn’t one of them. Discovering and honoring your desire to submit takes courage, strength and passion. Learning to follow the lead and rhythm set by another, and stretching your limits to accommodate training and service can challenge and exhaust you.

The discipline to hold your tongue, retrieve your paddle, or wait around endlessly while knot after knot is being tied as part of a bondage ritual drains your energy. Submission stretches, taxes, pushes, and exposes your body and soul to the whim and desire of another. Submissive women need support, care and nurture to continue on this journey in a healthy fashion.

A Genius Master

Being Totally Submissive to the wrong person is never a good idea, but when the person is a Genius Master with a deep understanding of how the human mind and heart works, then there is a real challenge for her to become his 24/7 slave.

He ensnares her slowly in a sticky web of emotion and by the time she realizes she’s trapped, it’s too late. She is now property of her master and there’s nothing so humiliating that she won’t do to stay his property.

The challenge

If you are a women who need something more in life. If you are willing to do anything to find excitement, and sometimes excitement means giving in completely to their wicked desires. Don't hesitate any longer, you are ready to meet your Master! Your journey into slavery begins right here,...



And for our masters, let it be a Source of Inspiration



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